Fast food in Italy?!?

In Food, Life in Italy on November 28, 2010 at 9:21 pm

(Note: This post was a special request from the folks pictured below!)

Sadly, a new Burger King near our house just celebrated its grand opening–fast food is gaining importance the world over. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised with one of the fast food options we discovered at the mall when we joined a group of friends for a movie last week: A fast food pasta restaurant.

The big difference: real, fresh, cooked-to-order pasta dishes. You picked from a variety of pasta options and they cooked up your pasta for you on the spot. And the pasta was pretty good quality, too. Check out this pasta bar with some of the types of pasta you could order and/or purchase to take home with you–egg fettuccine, spinach fettuccine, bacon fettuccine, mushroom tortellini, and even chocolate ravioli (well, perhaps that one’s not so healthy!):

Food was served on real, ceramic dishes, with real silverware. Check out my pasta dish: a kind of vegetable ravioli with an herbed cheese sauce. “Buon Appetito” is right:

Here’s a shot of all of us at the table (can’t you see me sitting there at the back left?):

PS. Sorry for the long delay between posts–last week was busy with a trip to Barcelona for Hugo and Daniela’s wedding; the wedding party, ironically, was held at an Italian restaurant!


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